England, Scotland and Ireland

Off on another grand adventure.  A couple of days in London, then I’m chasing steam trains all over the country.  There are about two hundred listed antique train excursions and day trips that I have located.  On Thursday if all goes according to plan I wind up in Fort Williams for a day long journey then Friday to Edinburgh.  Saturday my friend Sandro Monetti ( https://www.facebook.com/sandro.monetti?fref=ts&ref=br_tf  ) is in a play at the fringe festival.  I will see his show, join the after party and Sunday board a train for Dublin via ferryboat.  Five days of driving on the wrong side of the road and back to LaLa land. I’ll keep you posted on the events along the way and maybe even some photos if possible.

3 Responses to England, Scotland and Ireland

  1. Robert Birds says:

    Thaine, sounds like a great trip. I remember a train ride through Switzerland with a great dining car and wonderful service. I never did get to Edinburgh. How about raising a pint for me.

  2. fm says:

    Thank you for sharing — really! But right now, I am very envious. Enjoy chasing trains.

  3. Chris McKee says:

    Someone asked me recently if I was tired of traveling after this past year. It took me several seconds to answer. When I think of the trip you’re on now, I’d say “no.” Trains around the UK sounds awesome!

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