Casablanca Arrived by overnight train from Tangier Oct 24

This is a special bulletin for my geographically challenged friends.  I am 500 + or – miles west of the earthquake in Turkey.  I was on the ferry from Spain at the time and no we saw no sign of a tsunami while crossing.   I am about 400 miles North and West of Yemen and about the same distance but more north of Nairobi, Kenya.  So other than rain, cold wind and sleep deprived things are good here.  I took a little nap and a shower after I checked into my hotel, walked the streets a bit, had a cup of coffee and lunch and now its time to catch up on my typing and my blogging.

Last night when I got off the ferry I met a young man from Norway who is hitchhiking around.  I guided him to the train station.   He noted my name in the ancient Nordic/Viking was a prince.  Maybe I have an inheritance somewhere.

el Vagabondo.


About thaineha

I am a returned peace Corps Volunteer, North Borneo (Sabah) Malaysia 1962-64 I am making my first trip to Africa. I will spend two weeks in Morocco, and about three weeks in Senegal and Mali. I plan to travel overland from Dakar to Bamako. I hope to meet a few Peace Corps Volunteers along the way and learn how Peace Corps service has changed over the years. I live in California and spent most of my working life as a health economist working in rural health care development throughout the US, California and a variety of international projects.
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2 Responses to Casablanca Arrived by overnight train from Tangier Oct 24

  1. AJ says:

    Hey Thaine,
    In today’s chaotic times, surely you don’t associate with individuals who are geographically challenged, do you ??? Travel safely as you begin the long trek back to SoCal.

  2. AJ says:

    Hey my good friend….. on second thought, perhaps you are the one who is geographically challenged… I got to thinking about your post .. and it bothered the heck out of me… You were more than 2,200 miles West of the Turkish earthquake….and 3750 miles north and west of Nairobi and 3,458 miles west, northwest of Sana’a. In these cases I give you credit for being incredibly tired. Rest up on the flight at the 25th will be a very long day for a guy who is no longer 25 years old.

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