Oct 23 boat in the evening to Tangier to catch overnight train to Casablancca

Ike and I talked about travels and life,s twists and turns as the evening drew to a close he boarded his car for Merikesh, I found mine for Casablanca.  Interesting enough at some pôint in the night they must have split the train in two.  When I stqrted the journey I was in the last car and sat facing the direction of travel as wee pulled out of the Tangier station.  Around two I got up to make my journey to the restroom, Sanatariee as they are known here, and realized that my car was next to an engine.  I was being pulled ¨backwards”!  It was disconcerting enough to get out my trusty compas and make sure I was headed south.  As the faint theme from Twighlight Zone played in my head my trusty needle pointed in the right direction.  Every day on a trip like this one feels like a stranger in a strange land.  There  are moments of exilleration and moments of absolute confusion/terror?  The trusty conductor awakened me with plenty of time to get oriented to the new dawn.  And then I was deposited at the train station at 4:30 AM with a hotel reservation for the night.  I,m making my mile stones towards getting home.


About thaineha

I am a returned peace Corps Volunteer, North Borneo (Sabah) Malaysia 1962-64 I am making my first trip to Africa. I will spend two weeks in Morocco, and about three weeks in Senegal and Mali. I plan to travel overland from Dakar to Bamako. I hope to meet a few Peace Corps Volunteers along the way and learn how Peace Corps service has changed over the years. I live in California and spent most of my working life as a health economist working in rural health care development throughout the US, California and a variety of international projects.
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