Oct 21-22 Tarifa Spain

rain and lightning last night


About thaineha

I am a returned peace Corps Volunteer, North Borneo (Sabah) Malaysia 1962-64 I am making my first trip to Africa. I will spend two weeks in Morocco, and about three weeks in Senegal and Mali. I plan to travel overland from Dakar to Bamako. I hope to meet a few Peace Corps Volunteers along the way and learn how Peace Corps service has changed over the years. I live in California and spent most of my working life as a health economist working in rural health care development throughout the US, California and a variety of international projects.
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1 Response to Oct 21-22 Tarifa Spain

  1. Robert says:

    Hi Thaine,
    We are going to have to get the computer fixed. It is making a lot of spelling mistakes. Besides that, your trip to Spain seems too short. A good month of fresh bread, cheese and wine would make you sit up and not want to leave. You might even want to do a little sightseeing while you are there, or not. I would be happy with the bread, cheese and wine myself. Your trip does sound exciting. I missed the part about the boys in Morocco. Was it a gang initiation or just a political discussion? We want more. You have only whetted our appetite. I know that spelling sounds strange so I have decided to back it up (The correct form is “to whet your appetite”.
    “Whet” means to hone or to make more keen or stimulated.) That said, It looks like your trip is almost at an end. Tell us it is not so. Did three months pass so quickly? A lot has happened in the world since you went away, but with the internet and coffee shop gossip I am sure you are on top of everything. We look forward to more adventures of The Traveling Man.
    Robert Birds

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